The health of our skin and hair is dependent on our wellbeing; this means looking after yourself is vital. By limiting the number of chemicals your body is subjected to you can help safeguard your skin and scalp against irritation, and rescue your hair from stripping, colour fade and breakage. A smart way to do this is to choose sulphate free.

What are sulphates?

Sulphates (SLS) refer to a number of ingredients including sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) and ammonium lauryl sulphate (ALS). These common chemical foaming agents can be found in toothpaste, soaps, body cleansers, shampoo as well as household cleaning products like dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and carpet cleaners. In short, sulphates are cheap surfactants!

Why avoid sulphates?

So you might be wondering what the problem is with sulphates. Well, aside from being chemicals, they are known irritants with the potential to cause discomfort to the eyes, scalp and skin. In particular people suffering from excema, dermatitis, scalp flakiness, and itchy conditions, should steer clear from products containing Sulphates.

Why choose Sulphate free hair care?

Detergents have their place – as they are effective at removing oil, which is great if you are trying to remove an oil-based stain from your carpet but when used on the hair and scalp they can have a stripping effect. This can play havoc with the scalp’s barrier function, leading to sensitivity, dryness, redness and itching.

Stripping the natural oils from the hair can also lead to dull, dry, brittle hair and, as anyone with dry hair knows, it can be a lengthy process to try and impart moisture back into the hair.

Not surprisingly the intense striping nature of sulphates, may also also lead to colour fade or at least speed up the fading of hair dye.

Why choose Sulphate free skin care?

The severity of sulphates can vary from one person to another but if you know you have sensitive skin, it pays to choose sulphate free skin care.

The effect of sulphates on the skin can be minor skin irritation and itchiness, to a full blown allergic reaction. While you might like the fact your current skin cleanser creates a frothy foam, this lather may also be stripping away the precious moisture and protective layer of the skin, impacting your skins natural barrier function (or protective film), thus leaving the skin exposed to other irritants and aggressors.

Of course, you might be thinking if sulphates are so bad why are companies allowed to use them in their products? The truth is that sulphates, when used in concentrations of lower than 1% and for short periods of time, are considered safe. Yet shampoos that contain sulphates typically include concentrations of around 15% to cut costs.

With approximately 90% of available skin and hair cleansers containing sulphates, you can trust Biology as sulphate free!

Biology chooses to be one of the few brands that is sulphate-free, promising a gentler approach to skin and hair care whilst still creating a wonderful lather and brilliant skin and hair results.

You can trust Biology. The smart choice is to choose sulphate free!


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