While most people love summer, we’re advocates of the chilly season. Of course, turning up to an off-the-beaten-track beach on a warm summer’s morning and setting up camp for the day is bliss, but it’s even more special on a nippy yet beautifully sunny winter’s day — when it’s just you and the whales migrating north for warmer waters. When the weather is at its harshest but you’re still craving the rugged outdoors Aussie lifestyle, Biology is your go-to skin saviour. Whether you plan to spend your day at the foot of the ocean, mountain biking our awesome terrain, skiing or snowboarding, you don’t want your skin to take a beating so it’s super important to take the time to protect it from the cold and wind.

Biology’s aromatherapeutic body care range is designed to bring your body and mind into balance—making it even more possible to achieve the impossible. Nourish and nurture yourself and you can push boundaries, reach new heights and live life to its fullest, without compromise. Imagine you’ve just put your body and will power to the test with a freezing cold ocean swim; follow up with Biology’s Oil Infused Bath Soak and your body will seriously thank you. A moisture-enriched bath tonic infused with beneficial minerals and trace elements to cleanse, purify and restore skin hydration, this is the key to being able to do it all again tomorrow.

To condition the skin and restore its radiance you can’t beat Biology’s Skin Smoothing Body Buff. Rich in native plant DNA, omega oils and vitamins, it gently exfoliates the skin and boosts circulation. With the confidence of great skin you can go chase you dreams.

If your dreams include camping under the stars in one of our great National Parks, waking up to the sound of kookaburras or rolling surf before heading out for a day’s hiking adventure, giving your skin gets adequate hydration will help ensure your dreams don’t lead to skincare disaster. Biology Moisture Therapy Body Wash and Body Lotion are the perfect duo to accompany you on your Aussie adventures. pH-balanced to protect the skin’s barrier function and infused with steam-distilled essential oils, Biology’s Moisture Therapy range harnesses the power of active plant DNA and Australia bush extracts. The formulas are designed to nourish the skin and restore hydration and health.

When you’re busy living life the last thing you need to worry about is your skin. Biology’s effective yet practical skin and hair care is the smart way to take care of yourself. Free from nasties, Biology is the non-nonsense buddy you want by your side when you’re making the leap out of your comfort zone into adventure.



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