Did you know that bio-active Wildberry Harvest™ is infused into every product in the Biology range?

Biology stands out from the crowd with our Wildberry Harvest™. It’s a potent blend of three native Australian native super berries, combined for their amazing ability to fight free radical damage while rejuvenating and restoring skin radiance.

Harnessing the active plant DNA from Pepperberry, Riberry and Muntari Berry, the antioxidant, deeply hydrating and healing properties of our Wildberry Harvest™ brightens and nourishes the skin, returning it to its former pre-winter glory.

The native Pepperberry plant, found in the cold climates of southern NSW, Tasmania and Victoria, produces small waxy flowers, which develop into rich purple or black berries. These prized berries are highly sought after and traditionally used in indigenous cooking and medicines. Packed with antioxidants, Pepperberry can protect our skin from external attackers like the harsh Aussie sun, pollution and oxidative damage, while also boosting the activity of Vitamin C to guard against premature ageing.

Found in the Australian coastal rainforests, Riberry is a pink fruit also know as ‘Lilly Pilly’; a tasty bush tucker treat, Riberry has been used in sauces, syrups and to make a distinctive-tasting jam. At Biology we are in awe of Riberry for its essential trace minerals and abundance of antioxidants, which help purify, regenerate and repair the skin.

Also known as emu apples, Muntari Berries come from a shrub found on the south coast of Australia. Thought to be one of the country’s oldest bush foods, the spicy apple-flavoured berries can be eaten fresh and have up to four times the antioxidants of blueberries. Used in skincare, the Muntari Berry promotes skin healing while the high wax content provides a barrier for the skin to help prevent moisture loss.

This exclusive fusion of three Australian super berries is clinically proven to increase short and long-term skin hydration, provide antioxidant protection and stimulate hyaluronic acid production. All of which are paramount for great skin.

Team our Wildberry Harvest™ with our eco-aware practices to deliver an effective  great range of Biology products that are perfect for those who care about the environment and what they put on their skin.


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